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The 2018 Humanist of the Year


I stumbled upon a website while researching a possible article about the relationship between the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) and Humanist societies. For just a few moment I thought that American Humanists had gone absolutely plain stark bonkers. Who in their right mind would ever consider that the former POTUS would be remotely eligible for consideration let alone actually be awarded Humanist of the year?

Then I noticed the byline under the “American Humanism” title: Harnessing the power of Christian ethics to help heal the world. The penny dropped. And at the bottom of the page there is a link titled Discover our core values. I’ll let you discover those on your own. Finally I noticed the articles and links in the right hand side column. Sigh, another example of generalisations used to tar an entire group by the actions of a subgroup taken out of context. This seems to be the weapon of choice by some theists and atheists alike.

Why was I initially confused? The name of the website: The site I was after is

Author: Barry

A post war baby boomer from Aotearoa New Zealand who has lived with migraines for as long as I can remember and discovered I am autistic at the age of sixty. I blog because in real life I'm somewhat backwards about coming forward with my opinions.

4 thoughts on “The 2018 Humanist of the Year

  1. I had died at where they said he has the interests of immigrants at heart because he married an immigrant. I think that’s a parody account. My goodness!

    • To be honest, that it might be a parody site hadn’t occurred to me. Perhaps it’s parodying Trump and his supporters, but if so, the side column muddies the water too much for me. It may be theists vs atheists, but if so it’s casting its net too wide in its generalisations and I’m unable to decide whether the spoofing is of theists or atheists. I’ll concede that often satire and sarcasm is difficult for me to detect. This may be an example.

      • He asked for a wall to be built along the southern border.
        Wrote executive orders curtailing immigration from several countries.
        For every of the 7 reasons they gave, there is a counterpoint. But maybe they are serious. With Americans a lit is possible

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