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Another Aussie PM bites the dust

Unlike the USA, our neighbours across the ditch have no problem with disposing of political leaders when a party decides that keeping the current Prime Minister is not in their (and perhaps the nation’s) best interests. In fact, Australia has just appointed a new Prime Minister – their seventh since the beginning of the millennium. Of the previous six, four were deposed by their own party.

This seems to have become “standard practice” as both major political parties indulge in the deposing of political leaders while in office. Of course, a change of Prime Minister usually results in a major cabinet reshuffle, and frequently sees some change in government direction.

Prime Minister Term ended How
Howard, John 03 Dec 2007 Lost Seat at General Election
Rudd, Kevin 24 Jun 2010 Deposed
Gillard, Julia 27 Jun 2013 Deposed
Rudd, Kevin 18 Sep 2013 Defeated at General Election
Abbott, Anthony 15 Sep 2015 Deposed
Turnbull, Malcolm 24 Aug 2018 Deposed
Morrison, Scott

In a parliamentary style of government such as Aotearoa New Zealand, Australia, the UK, and Canada have, the roles of Head of State and the country’s top political post are held by different people, but I wonder how many Americans envy the ease by which Australia can replace the person holding nation’s top political role, especially in the light of their current leader being Trump.

Should impeachment, death or incapacity be the only means by which a president can be replaced, or would it be better if presidents could be replaced on other grounds? America does have a problem in that presidents are elected for a fixed term, instead of a maximum term, and if the president is removed, then the vice president takes over. This is not an issue with deputy Prime Ministers, as they do not take over as Prime Minister except in a caretaker role while a new Prime Minister is chosen. However I suspect those who would like to see Trump go, would be equally unlikely to want to see Pence take over the presidency.

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Trump “endorses” asbestos

Too good an opportunity for Trump to pass up? A Russian asbestos manufacturer uses a fake Trump endorsement in their product. And while it’s unlikely that Trump gave permission for his “official” endorsement to be emblazoned on pallets of asbestos, his attitude towards the carcinogen, and the prospect of his face being visible on every building site in America, might be reasons why he would like restrictions on asbestos to be relaxed.