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Still cattle

A little while back I took Milo (a beautiful dog that belongs to my daughter’s family) for an extended walk that included an excursion into the countryside. During the walk I happened to pass what seemed like a tranquil scene. It was so still and calming that I had to stop and take a snap of the three cows in a paddock. The only camera I had with me was the one on my phone, which happens to be very basic – not even a zoom. But even before I took the photo I realised the scene was not all it seemed to be…

Three cows in a paddock
I know the picture isn’t the best quality, but if you look closely you might notice that the three cows have iron constitutions.

Yep, they are made entirely from corrugated roofing iron.



Spring has sprung!

100_2078It might be a cool and rainy day, but I know spring has arrived when the first bud bursts on our magnolia tree. It’s 11°C (52°F) at midday, with no wind and the horizon is hidden in mist. Absolutely glorious. Spring and autumn are my favourite times of the year.