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What next after Paris?:Nonviolent solutions to Violent Politics

A thoughtful, albeit lengthy article on a less violent response to terrorism. Well worth the read.

Kevin's Peace Musings

What next after Paris?:Nonviolent solutions to Violent Politics


Kevin Clements


Talk to Politics Forum 23/11/15

University of Kent

 Every single human being exists in relationship. If we wish those relationships to be peaceable its vital that we practice the golden rule and treat others as we would like to be treated . As Levinas said , we do this best by “accepting unconditional responsibility to and for the welfare of the Other except when that other is causing suffering   in which case we have a responsibility to stop the suffering.” This is an important rationale for non violence and its an important understanding in terms of weighing decisions to go to war or not.

The whole point of terrorist political violence is to generate an enemy over reaction that will advance the cause and justify the violence that has occurred and future threats. Unfortunately we ( i.e the…

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It’s HERE – the link to a clip from Unspoken – The Documentary

Here in Aotearoa New Zealand, religious diversity and cultural diversity is generally understood and appreciated. The same cannot be said for neuro-diversity. It’s time for people all over the world to listen to what Emma has to say. Please view the teaser at

Emma's Hope Book

I’m guest blogging on Emma’s Hope Book this morning to introduce all of you to the just launched IndieG0Go Campaign for the documentary Emma is co-directing with Julia Ngeow, producer Geneva Peschka, and executive producer Marquise Stillwell of OpenBox. (EEEEEEEEEEE insert happy snoopy dance here.)

Here’s the link to the campaign and the documentary clip.  It’s beautiful.  Just beautiful.

I’m going to wait while all of you click HERE

Okay so now you’ve seen the teaser and maybe you’re thinking what else can I do?  There’s so much, starting with share this with everyone you know.  Share it on all your various social media networks.  And finally, for anyone who can, please donate, even if it’s ten dollars, every dollar will help complete this documentary.

Last week in preparing for the conference  Emma and I are presenting at tomorrow in Toronto (Autism Rocks), Emma typed, “I will say things that…

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We Won!

I’m not particularly sports minded, and I didn’t set the alarm for 5:00 am this morning to watch the World Rugby Cup (RWC) Final between the All Blacks and the Wallabies.

The RWC became something of an anti-climax for me at the end of the quarter-finals, when I realised no northern hemisphere countries would be represented in the semifinals. Somehow it’s easier to feel more pride, when we come up against our larger northern hemisphere rivals and win, than against our southern hemisphere neighbours.

It was a great effort by the All Blacks: the first team in RWC history to win back-to-back finals; and the first team to win the cup three times.

We can’t take anything away from the Australian effort. The well deserved their place in the final, and as usual they proved worthy adversaries.