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Here are the words of a Kiwi parent, and I’m so relieved this is how most of us are reacting. In this, I’m very glad that the perpetrator has failed in his mission to divide us. It has brought us closer together.

Wifey and I are pretty open with our kids. There is not much we keep from them, no subject we consider taboo and no questions we are not prepared to answer. Of course we moderate the things our kids have access to; what they view on television and the internet, what they hear when listening […]

via Hey, World, Leave Our Kids Alone — Michael Bracey

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Nau Mai Ra, Welcome Home

For everyone who has chosen, or will choose Aotearoa New Zealand as their home, I can do no better that to express my feeling that you are welcome here than by presenting this beautiful song composed and sung by Dave Dobbyn, first in Māori and then in English.

Nau mai ra!
Welcome home!