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Musical Monday (2202/09/26) – (I’m Glad) I’m Not A Kennedy


Shona Laing was inspired to write this song after watching Edward Kennedy on television. It was first released as a single in 1985 under the title “Not A Kennedy“, but received very little airplay. It was remixed and released again in 1987, this time peaking at number two on the NZ charts.

Shona Laing first came to prominence in 1973 when, at the age of sixteen, she won TVNZ’s talent show New Faces with her own composition “1905“.

I found this song hauntingly beautiful the first time I heard it, and still do – it remains in my head for days after each time I hear it. Enjoy!

(I’m Glad) I’m Not A Kennedy – Shona Laing
(I'm Glad) I'm Not A Kennedy

Living on through politics
Body-guarded, heart in bits
A blue-eyed honesty
Indigo injury
The family tree is felled
Bereavement worn so well
Giving up on certainty
Wilderness society

Wearing the fame like a loaded gun
Tied up with a rosary
Ooh, I'm glad I'm not a Kennedy

Imagine being a Kennedy
Rule without remedy
To watch your family die
The world loves a sacrifice
Prophets longing for the three
Honoring the tragedy
They hunger for the crime
The privilege to take a life

Wearing the fame like a loaded gun
Tied up with a rosary
Ooh, I'm glad I'm not a Kennedy
Glad I'm not a Kennedy

And is not peace basically
A matter of human rights?
The right to live out our lives
Without fear of devastation?
The right to breathe air
As nature provided it?
The right of future generations
To a healthy existence?
Let us, if we can step back from
The shadows of war and seek out
The way of peace

I love the look in your eyes
I can see your soul sometimes, and we laugh
When we try too hard we stop and start
Oh, imagine being a Kennedy
I'm glad I'm not a Kennedy

Wearing the fame like a loaded gun
Tied up with a rosary
I'm glad I'm not a Kennedy
Imagine being a Kennedy
Ooh, I'm glad I'm not a Kennedy

The cost of freedom is always high
Yet one path we shall never choose
That is the path of surrender or submission
When a man's way please the lord
The scriptures tell us
"He maketh even his enemies
To be at peace with him"
We will not prematurely or unnecessarily
Risk the course of worldwide nuclear war
In which even the fruits of victory
Would be ashes in our mouths
Ashes in our mouths
Ashes in our mouths
Ashes in our mouths

Author: Barry

A post war baby boomer from Aotearoa New Zealand who has lived with migraines for as long as I can remember and discovered I am autistic at the age of sixty. I blog because in real life I'm somewhat backwards about coming forward with my opinions.

5 thoughts on “Musical Monday (2202/09/26) – (I’m Glad) I’m Not A Kennedy

  1. I like that song. Once my wife and I were going to the grocery and Ted Kennedy pulled into the lot, hopped out of his car, hopped in another car with a young lady and drove away. Hmmm.

    • I’m no going to speculate what his action might have been other than him hopping into anther car with another person. The Kennedy clan are no different from other groups, and even the noblest of them have their flaws. However the public seem to expect them to be above the morals of ordinary people – perhaps as is expected of royalty.

      • I guess that’s another reason not to want be a Kennedy. People like me are judging their every move.

        • I most certainly would not want to be a Kennedy and that is but one of the reasons 😊

          It seems its one of the reasons why Shona Laing was motivated to write the song in the first place. After watching a TV article that featured Edward Kennedy, she made the comment “I’m glad I’m not a Kennedy” to her partner, and as they say, the rest is history.

  2. After all these years, with another anniversary of JFK’s death approaching, and listening to this song for the first time, it was haunting.

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