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A Twitter violation?


I know Twitter is coming down hard on those who violate their terms of use, but this is ridiculous.

I haven’t had a personal Twitter account, up until today, and now I’m locked out due to some violation or other, but have absolutely no idea what.

I hadn’t been signed up for more than 3 minutes when I was locked out when a tweet and the comments I was reading disappeared and was replaced with a message stating that my account was disabled until I could verify my identity! On acknowledging the message, I was directed to a screen where I was to enter my phone number As usual in these situations I checked the URL before I did so just to make sure it was valid. It was.

Every attempt at unlocking the account resulted in a silent phone call from Alabama in the USA (I was expecting an SMS message) and an empty email message. Then this message arrived by email:

We’re writing to let you know that your account has been flagged for unusual behavior that violates the Twitter Rules, and has been locked until you take the following steps: 

  1. Log into your account, or open your Twitter app on iOS or Android. 
  2. You’ll see a message about your account, and a prompt to click “Start.”
  3. Select your country/region, and then enter your phone number. 
  4. Click “Send code.”
  5. You’ll receive a message from Twitter with a confirmation code. 
  6. Enter the code you receive on the prompt screen. You’ll receive a confirmation. Please note, it may take a few minutes for your account to be completely unlocked. 
  7. If you’re still experiencing a problem after confirming your identity, respond to this message and provide us with more details about what’s happening. 

Please note, repeat violations of the Twitter Rules can lead to a permanent suspension of your account. 



I have no idea whether the “violation” is in regards to reading tweets and associated comments or whether it’s to do with being unable to verify my account. Keep in mind the only activity I had performed was to view two or three tweets and expand the comments. That was all apart from trying to unlock the account.

I followed the instruction provided as far as step 4. The “message” I’m supposed to receive in step 5 consists of a silent telephone call and an empty email. Impass! I’m at a loss as to how I’m supposed to enter a nonexistent verification code in step 6. I’ve emailed them with the details of what happened but who knows if any action will be taken:

Dear Twitter,
I signed up for an account today and tried to use my mobile phone number to verify my account. I never received an SMS message. After several attempts to resend the verification code, I opted to set up the account using an email address. This worked as I received the 6-digit code and was able to sign in. I received the code at 16:50 NZDT.

I started reading some tweets and as I was expanding some of the comments, a message popped up informing me that Twitter was unable to verify my identity and I needed to enter a phone number. That I did: [Ph number provided]. Almost immediately my mobile phone rang, but on answering it, there was complete silence. I waited a few seconds until the call terminated. The call came from [Ph number provided]. I tried re-sending the code two more times with the same result. I also tried using my home phone number [Ph number provided], again with the same result. 

Shortly afterwards, I received four email messages from The sending mail server was [server name and IP address provided]. The emails were all sent sent at 16:55:29 NZDT and were devoid of content. I have included the source code of one of the messages below. A few minutes later, this email to which I am now responding arrived. It was sent earlier than the 4 empty messages at 17:53:34 NZDT.

So my questions are:

  1. In what way have I violated Twitter’s rules?
  2. How do I unlock my account in the absence of a verification code?

Kind regards


Perhaps I might receive a response in a day or three, but who knows? Has anyone else faced similar situations with the social media giants?

Author: Barry

A post war baby boomer from Aotearoa New Zealand who has lived with migraines for as long as I can remember and discovered I am autistic at the age of sixty. I blog because in real life I'm somewhat backwards about coming forward with my opinions.

9 thoughts on “A Twitter violation?

  1. I don’t remember being in twitter prison for violation of terms of services and yours seems like an algorithm gone berserk. So maybe some human will see your mail and respond with a none apology

  2. Twitter is a waste of time anyway. I used it for a few years trying to figure out if there was any benefit to having an account, I couldn’t find one. IMO, you are fortunate not to have another time-waster.

    • I have used Twitter for work for some time informing clients on the rare occasions that my website goes off line. I’m the only one who tweets there possibly once or twice a year.

      I have few personal contacts that have chosen to use twitter for online communication and without an account I’m more or less isolated ftom them.

      I’m not a fan of twitter, but I’m even less of a fan of Facebook. I did have a facebook account that i seldom used for keeping in touch with my offspring and sibblings but it was too “noisy” for me. Following the mosque shootings in Christchurch in 2018, I shut the account down. Never regretted it.

      • It seems like everybody in the UK uses Twitter before email. Since I dropped it, there is a British couple I’ve fallen a bit out of contact with. I pretty much only use Facebook to participate in a Tourette Syndrome group frim which I get solidarity and belonging. Never had contact with others with TS before joining the group.

  3. It’s strange that they didn’t tell you what you did.

  4. You were brave venturing onto Twitter. It is gratifying to see that I’m not the only one who falls into these traps. I’ve been trying to set up a cell phone for almost a year. I tried returning to a provider I was prev with – their computer insisted that I had cancelled so when I had to make my monthly payt it refused to accept it, so my phone was always down. When I got out of that mess, I tried a new company – they sent me a phone that fell apart when I opened the back – I returned it – after 4 mths they sent me a new phone and then without telling me set up a new 2nd account – which had no money in it – when I suggested they transfer the money from the old account to the new one, they didn’t understand – wanted me to pay more – I cancelled again – Now I’m looking for a third.

    • I’ve got Youtube, Pinterest, Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp and a few other social media accounts & apps I don’t recall off hand, I have several websites as well as this WordPress blog, and until 2 years ago I had a Facebook account. I’ve never experience any trouble with any of them. Twitter is a first.

      I change phone providers (mobile and landline), Internet provider and electricity provider quiet regularly depending on who can provide the best deal. It’s very straightforward here. I know it’s not so simple in many countries. You can even carry your existing phone number(s) across to the new providers.

      • Forced again to wish I lived in New Zealand. Not to mention the scenery.
        Most phone providers here are fairly reliable – my problem is that I look for the bargains

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