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MAGA: NZ style


There’s a section of the conservative right in America, mainly evangelical Christians (although I’m not convinced that the term “Christian” is appropriate) who are are willing to excuse Trump of almost any evil in order to accomplish his proclaimed goal of Make America Great Again, whatever that is supposed to mean. I’m sure that to Trump, MAGA really means Make America Go Autocratic.

The values and ideals held by those in the MAGA camp in the USA are also held by some in this country, although thankfully they make up a significantly smaller percentage of the population. So much are they endeared to the US MAGA brigade that they have lifted the acronym, the red baseball cap, and all, and applied it to themselves.

Unlike in the US, they don’t have a hero to champion their cause, so instead have targeted the person who is the antithesis – Jacinda Ardern. It’s very clear to me that the characteristics and values of our Prime Minister that endear her to the majority of Kiwis are not those of the NZ version of the MAGA brigade.

So what does what does the acronym MAGA stand for?

Make Ardern Go Away

Pathetic really.

Author: Barry

A post war baby boomer from Aotearoa New Zealand who has lived with migraines for as long as I can remember and was diagnosed as being autistic aged sixty. I blog because in real life I'm somewhat backwards about coming forward with my opinions.

4 thoughts on “MAGA: NZ style

  1. You get similar Trump loving clowns here as well, I just wonder why these people are not able to recognise stupidity and lies.

    • Willful ignorance, it seems to me. Many are otherwise quite rational. One supposition might be that they’re believers of the end justifies the means. The problem then lies in the fact that I dislike their “end”.

  2. I thought Jacinda Ardern was beloved in NZ. Honestly, it is beyond me why anyone is enamored with Donald Trump.

    Now, there are those conservatives who are simply trying to forward their platform: reverse Roe v. Wade, keep their economic plan in place, etc., who will go to the polls, hold their nose, and vote for the man. There are those who have, in their infinite wisdom, decided that liberals and progressives are just grotesque, godless, evil, scum of the earth who will simply vote for anyone who isn’t liberal or progressive. But what I absolutely do.not.get. is those people who absolutely adore the man.

    • I’m not sure how much the NZ MAGA brigade approve of Trump specifically, but it is very apparent to me that they like what he represents and especially how its expressed by the US MAGA brigade.

      No Prime Minister in our history has had the approval rating that Jacinda has. But clearly there’s an element that have little regard for the values she represents (even if she sometimes falls short herself) such as inclusion, kindness, compassion, sharing, consultation. I think there’s an element of society that prefer a more dictatorial style of leadership such as portrayed by Trump, Putin, Erdoğan and other leaders of that ilk.

      As for those whose adoration of Trump seems beyond the pale, I think most probably hold similar values to what he represents. To me those values are abhorrent, but I guess as there’s almost no one else in American politics that can express those values in such a simplistic manner, they regard him almost like a Saviour. Besides what comes out of the mouth of Trump are not lies to them – it’s what they already believe.

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