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Introducing Feilding


In the four years I’ve been blogging, I don’t think I have introduced readers to my home town of Feilding.

So Barry, why not take the opportunity to so now, while it’s in your mind?

Good idea.

Those of you who read this blog via a Web browser at will see one of four randomly selected banner images at the top of the page. These are crops of a photo taken from a drone hovering approximately 20m/60ft above my house. If you view it via an app or via the WordPress reader, then you may not see them. So for the benefit of those missing out here is the original photo:


View from drone 20 metres above house

Our home looks over the township and out towards the Ruahine Range (distant left) and the Tararua Range (distant right). The two ranges are separated by the Manawatu Gorge. What isn’t apparent from the photo is that the skyline is populated by wind turbines. There are three wind farms comprising of a total of 286 turbines capable of generating 300 MW between them. While they are easy to see with the naked eye, they don’t show up in a photograph until zoomed in:

Wind turbines

Just a few of the wind turbines that can be seen from home

The wife and I have decided that the only way we’re giving up our home is when we’re taken away in a wooden box. The view is stunning and varies depending on the room and the weather:

The town is picturesque, having won New Zealand’s annual Most Beautiful Large Town award (yes, a town of 15,000 is considered large in NZ) in 16 out of the last 17 years. The CBD has a distinctly Edwardian feel:

The clock tower standing in the square in the centre of town was built to celebrate the start of the new millennium. It was financed through public donations and the clock mechanism is one that was salvaged from the old post office tower that was built in 1904 and demolished in 1942 after an earthquake made the structure unsafe. Little did anyone realise that the clock would remain in storage for 56 years!

Feilding clock tower

Feilding clock tower in the centre of Manchester Square

I like to walk, and typically that is around the residential streets of Feilding. Our typical streets look like this:

Finally a drone shot of our home. East is to the top of the picture:


Yes, the roof needs repainting! Any volunteers?

I don’t pretend to be a photographer and taking any photos at all is a relatively recent phenomenon for me. The two drone shots were taken by my son. The wind turbine shot was taken on my Panasonic Lumix Digital camera. The rest were taken on my Samsung J-1 phone.

Author: Barry

A post war baby boomer from Aotearoa New Zealand who has lived with migraines for as long as I can remember and was diagnosed as being autistic aged sixty. I blog because in real life I'm somewhat backwards about coming forward with my opinions.

11 thoughts on “Introducing Feilding

  1. Nice landscaping..looks inviting

    • I presume you’re referring to the aerial shot of hour house? The property slopes downwards to the east, and when we bought it around 12 years ago the front area was an overgrown jungle: too many trees planted too close together competing for light. We’ve opened it up a lot but chose not to convert any of it into lawn, preferring a more “natural” look. We’ve been careful to keep the area friendly to bird life.

  2. I don’t know why I assumed New Zealand was mostly wild woods or fields. I guess I assume everywhere outside of the US, Canada, Mexico and Europe is simply woods and fields. At any rate, your town looks very much like my town – but with better views (and better streets). That clock tower is gorgeous, too. I can understand why you and your wife are happy there.

    • In the 1980s Aotearoa New Zealand was home to over 60 million sheep. They outnumbered humans twenty to one! We’re down to around half that number of sheep now, but they need pasture to live on 🙂 Much of NZ is mountainous and hilly, but the Manawatu is one of the few regions that is relatively flat. The region was once heavily forested, but was cleared when the town was established in the 1870s. The only hill runs along the western side of town, which is where we live.

  3. Lovely.
    Your home is gorgeous

  4. I feel like moving there (wishful thinking)! But really, it is a very beautiful town. 🙂

    • I like the town. We’ve lived here since the mid 1980s, and we’ve lived in our current home for around 12 years. We like the quietness and friendliness of Feilding, and if we ever want something a little more exciting, the city of Palmerston North is just a twenty minute drive away, much less than a typical commute in larger cities such as Wellington or Auckland.

      • Wow, what a perfect place where you live (quiet area but not too far from the less quiet area)!

        There are many beautiful towns in the country where we (my husband and I live) and the towns have beautiful churches (I am not religious, I never go to the church, but I just like those beautiful churches). We have always wanted to move to one of those towns (or even move to a village, maybe that would be better) that is not too far from the busier area. We are still living in the capital city, but I hope, in a few years we can already do it.

        You are lucky you are already retired and can live in such a beautiful place with a lot of trees. I don’t quite remember, but do you have a pet? I think you have a cat, no? We will adopt a dog soon, finally. But I dream of having a few to several dogs when we will finally be retired. 🙂

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