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Strolling through a winter summer wonderland


For the 90% of the world’s population who live north of the equator, Christmas carols such as Jungle Bells and Strolling through a Winter Wonderland have some meaning, even if it doesn’t actually snow. At least in comes in the cold season. Like minorities everywhere, the 10% of us who live in the southern hemisphere are denied our rights: Our right to celebrate a seasonally appropriate festive season.

I say it’s time to take a stand! No more Christmas cards with snow and holy! No more songs about white Christmases! Down with them all.

Here’s something a little more appropriate:

Author: Barry

A post war baby boomer from Aotearoa New Zealand who has lived with migraines for as long as I can remember and discovered I am autistic at the age of sixty. I blog because in real life I'm somewhat backwards about coming forward with my opinions.

8 thoughts on “Strolling through a winter summer wonderland

  1. Reblogged this on HarsH ReaLiTy and commented:

    I am ALL for a holiday without snow!!! 🙂
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  2. know summer time down there and all, but I still have trouble imagining Christmas at the beach or on the pitch… Hilarious song though!

  3. I have Aussie friends & was wondering how all our northern festivity would come across in summer, thank you for bringing me up to speed!

  4.’s Christmas like in the Caribbean?
    …or even in Hawaii for that matter?

  5. Can I get away with wishing you a trans-Pacific, trans-hemispheric Happy New Year? 🙂

    • You can 🙂

      Although with record high temperatures here, I’m beginning to feel that a little bit of snow might be quite attractive!

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