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Will Trump ban Jews and Catholics too?


So the Trump wants to ban all Muslims (even US citizens) from entering America due to the “risk” they pose. Exactly how high is that risk?

Since 2001, a total of 45 Americans have been killed on American soil by Islamic extremists. While that’s 45 too many, it works out at 3.2 persons per year. Let’s put this in perspective. Over the same period 254 Americans were killed by home-grown right wing extremists.

While Islamic extremists have been responsible for 6% of terrorist related attacks, Jewish extremists have been responsible for 7% of the attacks. Just to be clear,  this is not based on the religion of the terrorist, but on the motive for the attack. On that basis it makes as much sense to prohibit the entry of all Jews into the USA.

According to FBI statistics, Latinos are responsible for 42% of all terrorist attacks. Perhaps Trump would like to ban them too? The predominant religion of Latinos is Roman Catholicism. While he’s at it, he might like to ban all Catholics as well.

How else could Trump make America a safer place? The communists and other left wingers are responsible for 21% of terrorist attacks, so a ban on all socialists and anyone favouring a public health system would be prudent. To be absolutely sure that no left wingers get by the ban, he might consider banning everyone who isn’t a registered republican.

Let’s not forget that the anti-abortion, animal rights and other single cause extremists are responsible for 16% of the terrorist attacks, so supporters of those movements should also be subject to the ban.

Now that the borders are closed to everyone who is not a card carrying republican with absolutely no axe to grind, America should be a much safer place.

Except we’ve forgotten:

More American women are killed by their husband or boyfriend each day than are Americans killed by Islamic extremists in a year.

For each American killed by an Islamic extremist, more than 100 American Children are killed by a parent.

For each American killed by an Islamic extremist, 2870 are murdered by someone they know, and a further 950 are murdered by a stranger.

Did you know that you are twice as likely to be killed by a Fourth of July firework as you are to be killed by an Islamic terrorist?

The chances of being killed in an elevator accident verses being killed by an Islamic terrorist is greater than 8:1.

You are fifteen times more likely to be killed by a lightning strike – an act of God – than being killed by an act of an Islamic extremist.

Did you know that American police officers kill more than 300 times as many Americans each year as do Islamic extremists.

For each American that dies at the hands of an Islamic terrorist, almost 12,000 Americans die in motor vehicle crashes.

While the threat of terrorism can’t be dismissed, the fear of terrorism is way out of proportion to the danger it presents. The greatest danger lies in the political reaction to that irrational fear. We are likely to allow our politicians to impose curbs on our freedom that cannot be justified by the risks terrorism presents.

Author: Barry

A post war baby boomer from Aotearoa New Zealand who has lived with migraines for as long as I can remember and was diagnosed as being autistic aged sixty. I blog because in real life I'm somewhat backwards about coming forward with my opinions.

9 thoughts on “Will Trump ban Jews and Catholics too?

  1. Excellent post. Well said.


  2. The ignorance that Donald Trump embodies is an assault on the senses. One wonders if his supporters somehow need their senses assaulted, in order to feel alive, and that’s why they’re drawn to him. Reason and nuance are hard for some; I guess bluster is easier. As for the actuarial stats, I think what makes terrorism so much more frightening for people than some of the other causes of death you cite, may be the sense of intentionality involved, the sense of a larger menace waiting in the shadows behind the given person or incident. Terrorist incidents tend to feel like “just the beginning” of something. And, of course, as always, the media plays a big role. I had a mother who wanted her mildly delinquent son to go to church, which he was willing to do, but she was afraid to send him, because of ISIS. I don’t think she drummed up that much pervasive worry on her own! Anyway, in closing, it’s nice to hear from you again, Barry, and Happy New Year!

  3. I can’t see how the appalling murder statistics I gave can be less frightening than the remote chance of being harmed by a terrorist. There is a motif of harm involved in both.

    Perhaps I’m just too rational when it comes to evaluating the potential risks that life presents us. The odds of being a victim of a terrorist attack are so low that it’s not worth considering at all. It’s a bit like being afraid of flying because of the danger that flying presents, when the chances of being killed or injured while traveling between home and the airport is more than an order of magnitude greater than the chances of death or inju while flying between airport.

  4. Whatever the cause of death, we can’t build a wall around it. Agencies can work to reduce the chance for an attack by thugs or militia but not all the time.

    • As the odds of being a killed by a terrorist (Islamic or otherwise) is less than being killed by lightning, or being killed by a TV falling on you really have nothing to fear but fear itself. There are parts of the world where the odds are different, but in the USA the politicians and media are exaggerating the threat posed by Islamic extremists for their own benefits.

      • Hi Barry, hope you have been well this many days.
        I don’t dispute there are areas where the risk is much higher. I agree that the US media and politicians are misleading their country men and women

  5. Some people like a loudmouth authoritarian. There are a lot of authoritarians in the US: they love him. The more rules he proposes for people who are not them, the more they like it.

    • Authoritarian? To me he’s more like a bully. If the Americans really want him, they can have him, but unfortunately America’s role in the world, means the rest of us are stuck with him too.

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