Another Spectrum

Personal ramblings and rants of a somewhat twisted mind


In the beginning…

After a lot of procrastination I have finally gotten my A into G and joined the blogosphere as a blogger instead of simply being a commenter on the blogs of others. I was hoping that the simple act of setting up a WordPress account would be enough to inspire me to write something deep and profound and possibly witty. Unfortunately all it’s done is given me a case of writer’s block.

What I find interesting is that topics discussed on other blogs are often able to fire my passion to such an extent that I feel compelled to add my two cents worth. Yet here I am staring at an almost blank page and free to comment on practically any topic under the sun and nothing has come to mind. 

Over the last few years I’ve come to realise that I have very poor decision making skills. By this I don’t mean that I make bad decision, as by and large the choices I have made have been good ones. What I mean is I find it difficult to weigh options, particularly if more than two choices are involved and any abstract thinking is involved. Where options are either yes or no, or if I can compare options in a measurable form, in other words, create a formula that will solve the puzzle, I can make choices as well as, or even better than, the average bloke. But where there are too many possibilities to choose from or the possibilities can’t be quantified, I’m left floundering.

When I comment on someone’s blog, the topic has been chosen. If the topic inspires me to comment, all I have to do is to type passionately for a few minutes and then spend five times as long re-editing until I believe the meaning is unambiguous and no more wordy than absolutely necessary.

A blank canvas on the other hand offers too many possibilities. How can one quantify the options when there is an infinite number of topics available? A good question and it’s one I will need to solve if this blog is going to be more than a single post